Friday 27 October 2023


 The Nine Emperor Gods Festival ended on Monday but I am still eating vegetarian food.

I am a Taoist and often go on a vegetarian diet during certain days for cleansing of body and soul and also in order to minimize harm to other sentient life. 

Actually I do not eat meat except seafood since I was a toddler.  My mum said I refused all sorts of meat and preferred to eat plain rice with warm water added with soy sauce. I'd vomit and become sick if there was meat in what I ate. Later I added seafood to what I could eat. As far as I can remember I was allergic to alcohol.  After ingesting any dish or drink with alcohol, I'd break out in rashes.  I once passed out when unknowingly being given an alcoholic beverage. I am also allergic to coffee, coco and chocolates.

People often ask me what I eat to look the way I do at 63. Well, the answer is more like what I DON'T eat.

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