Saturday 21 October 2023

9 Day vegetarian diet

 Into day 7 of 9 day vegetarian diet.  The food is from Tua Pek Kung temple.

I have been on this vegetarian diet since the age of 13.  Only years I did not do so were when my parents, maternal grandparents and Aunty Cheah Moy passed away.  Those in mourning do not go on this diet.

During the 9-Emperor God Festival, one is given the option of going vegetarian for 1, 3, 6 and 9 days. Those who fast for 9 days usually add an extra day, i.e., on the eve before the start of the festival.

Going on a vegetarian fast does not only mean just eating vegetables, abstaining from aphrodisiacs and not taking any meat. It also involves minding our thoughts and actions as well. We are also encouraged to do more good deeds during this time. Sort of like cleansing our minds and souls.


Actually, the main reason why devotees of the Nine Emperor Gods go on the vegetarian diet during this festival is to cultivate their minds and souls. There are some worshippers who do not really get the fundamentals right and end up making lavish offerings to the deities and do so with the aim of seeking personal gain. Do they think that these deities really need the mountain load of items offered? Also do they think that by offering such 'bribes' to the deities that they will get fame and fortune in return? From what I have learnt, it does not work that way.

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