Tuesday, 11 July 2017


The oldest feng shui meaning of this flower symbol is fertility, believe it or not. Orchids also represent the energy of purity, perfection, and a very delicate and exotic sense of graceful beauty. Depending on their color and variety, will bring the additional energy of joy, creativity, and passion.

When choosing an orchid as a feng shui cure for your home, first be guided by its color. For example, a bright pink or coral orange color orchid will bring the energy of passion and creativity, so it can be an excellent cure for your Love and Marriage bagua area.

A white orchid graces the space with the sense of clarity, calm, perfection and peace, and can be a great addition to both your Helpful People & Blessings area, as well as your Career bagua area.

Because most often we buy potted orchids rather than freshly cut ones, be sure to pay attention to the color and material of the pot.

Source: http://www.knowfengshui.com/feng-shui-flower-symbols-secrets/

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