Saturday, 4 February 2017


Two Feng Shui masters have debunked the practice of Depositing money on Li Chun day to enhance wealth luck.  You can read the article posted above.  Well, it appears to be a trend that has caught on and has become a ritual.
As for me, I dare not say that it is true or false.  Truth is indeed stranger than fiction.  Who are we to say that is is a myth.  In actuality encouraging people to deposit money in the bank is something good.  Maybe the Heavenly officials in charge of finance would see how earnest those who carry out this ritual are and actually reward them by blessing with wealth luck.
Anyway, it is a fun thing to do for me during Li Chun day.  I went to the bank in the morning in a red blouse and red undies to deposit a bit of cash.  I am Kiasu (Hokkien phrase meaning "fear of losing') and don't want to lose out.  Hahahah.


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