Friday, 3 February 2017


Yesterday evening Baz and I went to buy rehals to be donated to Masjid Jamek Kampung Kinjang. The money for them was donated by a few lecturers in the college and two of Cikgu Baz's cousins.
We will be sending the rehals to Kampung Kinjang at the end of February. We will also be sending sejadahs and telekungs.
FYI we are carrying out this Projek Wakaf at the request of a committee member of the mosque in the village. She is also an ustazah who teaches religious studies to young children in Kg Kinjang. 6 of the rehals will be contributed to her class.
I am really glad that the money collected for the rehals has been spent. There is still a couple of hundred left which will be used to buy sejadahs and telekungs.
It is a big responsibility holding on to money donated to a religious place. We cannot even keep one sen of it. All must be contributed. The same principle goes to donations for temples and churches.  

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