Thursday, 19 January 2017


Here is a list of things NOT to do pm the first day of the Chinese New Year

  • Since everybody is in a festive mood under a joyful  atmosphere, people shouldn't argue with each other. Also parents shouldn't scold or punish the children on the first day of the new year. It is feared that by starting the year with arguments,  more arguments will follow throughout the year.
  • Women shouldn't use knives or cutting utensils in the kitchen.  These objects symbolise evil, anger, danger and "cutting out" luck. As a result, there are some women who don't cook new dishes on this day, the meals are leftovers from the reunion dinner or precooked food.
  • Breaking a dish plate, bowl or cup would indicate bad luck. In case that happens, the Chinese will put all broken pieces in a round container  until the next day.
  • Married women shouldn't go back to their mother's home, otherwise the maternal family will get poorer.
  • Sweeping the floor or throwing rubbish will take away the wealth luck from the house.
  • Don't have a lunch nap at noon, otherwise people will be lazy year long.
  • No washing of hair on the first day of the year, as  it will wash your good luck away.
  • Those who are in mourning should not visit their friends' homes.
  • Don't eat rice porridge for breakfast, otherwise you won't get rich because only poor people eat rice porridge in the past.
  • Don't eat meat for breakfast, because many deities are vegetarians on this day.
  • Don't wake people up by calling their names, otherwise that sleeping person needs to be prodded the whole year round.
  • If possible try to take any medicine unless it is very necessary, otherwise you will become unhealthy for the whole year.
  • Don't wash clothes, because New Year Day is the birthday of the god of Water.
  • If someone owes you money, do not ask for the money back on this day. Otherwise, you will do it often for the rest of the year.
  • Don't let people take anything away from your pocket or purse, because that's a sign money loss in the year.

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