Monday, 16 January 2017


As promised I am going to share what I learnt from Feng Shui Master, Jason Eng's Annual Update which I attended on Sunday, 15th January 2017.

We will begin with the 4 Pillars that is represented by Year, Month, Day and Hour  (Ba Zi Chart) for the Year of the Rooster.  This is the part that takes some explaining on my part and quite a bit of understanding on those who are not familiar with the Ba Zi/Paht Chee chart.

  • Looking at the chart, we can see that the 5 elements of Fire, Earth, Water, Wood and Metal are present.  This indicates that it is a year with well-balanced elements.  So the Rooster Year will be better than the year before. But it cannot be considered a totally smooth year.  As can be seen from the chart, it is a strong Yang Water year.  Yang elements are dominant.  
  • If we look closely at the chart, we will see that there is only one pillar that is in harmony, i.e. the Day and Month Pillars of Dog and Tiger.  On the other hand three pillars are clashing.  These three pillars have elements that clash and when combined, they indicate disharmony and hostility.  The combination of Yin Fire and Yin Metal in the chart would suggest that there me more occurrences of explosions and fires.
  • In the month pillar we see Water which produces Wood and this is a good sign that the middle months of the year will be better.  It is around these months (spring and summer in temperate countries) that are most suitable for making financial gains.  Wealth luck is available for the taking at this time of the year.
  • The 3 Yang Water element in the chart is an indicator that there might be pressures and tensions brought about by fierce competition.  There might be quite a number of people who might feel stressed out.  Water in the chart would also mean that there are quite a number of friends and enemies in our midst.  And also, the good abundance of water might mean that those we consider to be our friends might be envious and jealous of us.
  • The last quarter of the year (autumn and winter months) are not too good as the pillars clash.  The economy might slow down and it is advisable not to speculate.
  • The clash of fire and metal in the Year Pillar brings ailments of the heart, eyes and lungs.  So people must be cautious of heart attacks, strokes, eye diseases and influenza.
  • In 2017, the Scholastic Brilliance Star is present and this indicates the fervent pursuit of knowledge especially for those in the field of education.
  • The Rooster Year is also a lovey dovey year, with Peach Blossom Star luck.  Love is in the air but then one must always be careful when looking out for love.  Those who are married should stay faithful. as the presence of this star can bring about third party interference.
  • Powerful Mentors Stars are also present.  So there will be lots of Kwai Yan aka Mentors to aid ones path to success.  
  • The Star of Money Bags brings about creation of wealth.  It is a most welcome star which especially benefits those born in the year of the Dog.
  • Other Stars present are the Aggressive Sword Star  which strengthens competitiveness but at the some time bring about some negative influences.  Then there is the Star of Good Fortune which enhances happiness and protects against negativity.  Finally there is the Star of Celestial Protector bringing with it protective divine energies.
  • Lap Chun or beginining of Spring will start at 5.47 p.m. on 3rd February 2017.  

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