Sunday, 22 January 2017


During the Feng Shui talk by Master Jason Eng Ecs, he mentioned that the modern generation in China were technologically advanced. They paid for services and purchases using their smartphones. During his visit there he noticed that Debit or Credit cards were not that popular.
Well I found out that Cyber Ang Pows are very popular there as well. They have the WeChat Red Envelope Canpaign.
This is a mobile application developed by Chinese technology company Tencent.
The application offers users the ability to provision money in the form of virtual 'credits' to other users of the application. Money is deposited into a user's WeChat Pay account, which can be used for purchases. The app allows withdrawals from that account. There are two types of 'red envelopes' offered by the app: the 'regular red envelope' (explained above) as well as the 'red envelope lucky draw'. The latter allows the user to assign a lump sum to a red envelope made up of a group of smaller red envelopes within it. The 'grouped' red envelope can then be posted to a group chat and the application randomly assigns the amount in each envelope to each recipient.

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