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"Think 7 is Lucky? Feng Shui Says 7 is the Number of Injury, Violence, Deceit and Loss"

By Kathryn Weber

Rolling 7's on a craps table in Las Vegas has always been considered lucky, but that's where that luck ends. In feng shui, the number seven is considered very unlucky and full of misfortune. Worse yet, it can cause theft, violence and injury. From 1984 to 2003, the number seven was extremely lucky, but that changed in 2004, when we entered Period 8, a time that runs from 2004-2024. If you count seven as a lucky number, be sure to look at its implications in feng shui.

The number seven is the number that's associated with the west and the element of small metal. It is also the number associated with the mouth. As such, seven rules all matters relating to small metal objects. Those objects can run the gamut from the lovely, such as articles of jewelry, to the tip of a scalpel, sharp and cutting.

Seven has other applications, too. 
This can be the sharp tip of the tongue, the blade that often cuts to the quick. As such, the seven can be related to arguments, bullying, and because it's related to metal and electricity, the spark of a fire, like from an electrical short, can be attributed to the seven star.

Always watch where the 7 flies each year as this can often show you where losses or injuries will occur in your life, whether those are job, financial, relationship, injury or theft. 
It's important to always look at where seven is showing up your life. This can be in your home's natal flying star energies or in the annual movements. The 7 star flies to the southwest in 2017, causing a drain on women and perhaps a severing of relationships either romantic or with female friends. It often portends injury by metal, or through treachery (online fraud), violence (burglary, mugging), or simple deceit like the whisperings of a smooth operator intent on separating you from a relationship or your money.

For 2018, the 7 star moves to the east corner that represents the oldest son and the family. 
Having the 7 star here can cause family members to be "cut off" from the rest of the family or family members that become estranged. It's important to add water to this location to protect the oldest son, family relationships and health.

Consider all these aspects of the number seven so that you can protect yourself from its malefic effects. 

Watch your purse and wallet.

In 2017, the 7 star flies to the southwest, the corner of women. Women should pay careful attention to their purses and wallets. Keeping your purse close to your body will help to protect it. Be diligent about keeping it securely closed, and your eye on it. Wear protectors like fu dog or evil eye purse charms. Tie a blue scarf to your purse for further protective benefits.

Wear blue colors.

When the 7 star is at your front door or bedroom, wearing blue colors will help insulate you. You can also add a black rug to the front door to help dilute and weaken the seven star. In the bedroom, go for blue bedding to help protect you from job loss, theft or injury.

Water protects.

Water is the primary way to wear down the 7 star and adding a fountain or aquarium is a good way to keep the 7 star from doing real damage. Try to make the fountain quiet versus loud with big sprays. The fountain will add protection to your home and family and insulate you against injuries.

Trust but verify.

Whether it's your credit card statement or someone new you're dating, make sure you check everything thoroughly. Ensure you know who you are going out with and do your due diligence to make sure they're on the up and up. Too often, smooth talkers will try to part you with your money, a relationship or cut you off from your family. Watch, too, for small bills and charges or online theft. Keep a close eye on all your accounts.

Be cautious with metal and electricity.

If you're working in the area where the 7 star is located, sleep in the area where the 7 star is located or have a front door here, it's vital that you are cautious and careful when handling anything with metal. This can be cutting vegetables in the kitchen or handling electric tools. It's also where an electrical fire can occur.

If this is your front door and you have a teen driver, make certain that your driver is extra cautious as this 7 can portend car accidents. For families of teens and youngsters, this can also mean cutting. Be suspicious if your teen covers up their body excessively, such as with long sleeves or pants and doesn't show any skin - this is often a sign of cutting.

Watch for signs of layoffs.

Whenever the 7 star comes to your front door or bedroom, there can be a possibility of being "cut" from your job. Read the signs at work, keep your nose down and avoid any idle gossip as this can backfire on you. Get your resume dusted off and have an eye out for other opportunities. It might not happen - especially if you have a fountain by the front door, for example, but it's best to be prepared just in case.

Avoid hurtful remarks.

When the 7 comes to your bedroom or front door, it's easy to get carried away with your mouth. Mean, cutting remarks have the potential to end relationships and do real, lasting damage. Watch that you don't let your mouth get the better of you as this can cause you to say things you later regret. Gossip is another potential when this star is prominent. Better to not say anything, than to say something negative.

Be cautious.

Wherever the 7 star flies, there is the likelihood of violence or theft. This means that this is the part of the house that could have a break in or burglary. If this is your front door or bedroom, don't tempt fate by going out late at night or doing things that are considered unsafe as you could be opening yourself up to injury or harm. Double check all doors and windows and simply be extra thorough, cautious and protective. Use an elephant or rhino figure to protect you.  


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