Thursday, 17 November 2016


The cleaners informed me about an injured cat under the drain covers near the electronic workshop this afternoon. I went to check and found that it was White. I was told that it was involved in a fight last night. The right eye is badly damaged and there is a gaping gash on top of the body. Blood was oozing out from one eye. The other eye was swollen. The jaw also appears to be injured.

My students tried to lift the drain cover to rescue the cat but could not. It was soldered on. Finally Cikgu Zaki Demyati got a long stick and tied lots of cloth at one end and used it to nudge the cat to the side so that Hakim could lift it out.

Once rescued, three of the students went with me to the Animal Clinic. The cat was treated by Dr Murrugaya. Hopefully the eye could be saved.

This is how White looked when I visited her at 5.30 p.m. Her eyeballs were scratched but not permanently damaged. Both eyes are swollen now but the vet says they will heal. The jaw is not broken only bruised. The gash on the back will also heal without needing stitches.
Now White is warded at the clinic.

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