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"The 7 Worst Feng Shui Bedroom Decorating Mistakes"

"The 7 Worst Feng Shui Bedroom Decorating Mistakes"

by Kathryn Weber

Next to the front door, the bedroom is the single most important room in the house. The bedroom is where you re-energize your energy each day. Because you spend so much time in the bedroom, the amount of influence it exerts in your life is huge. That makes it so important that you spend time creating the kind of bedroom that supports your good health, proper rest -- and your relationship.

Besides being a place of rest, the bedroom is the room that symbolizes your love relationship.

The bedroom should reflect that two people share the room and that they are equals. When a bedroom is poorly arranged or decorated or one partner’s taste is predominant, the couple will be out of balance and that can affect the quality of rest – and romance – that occurs in the bedroom!

Take these 7 tips to heart to help you create a feng shui bedroom that promotes your good health and a happy relationship!

Arrange the bed poorly.

This is critical for good rest. When a bed is pushed into a corner of the room, placed under a window or on the same wall as the door, the occupants of the room will be beset with all manner of problems. Think about it: Have you ever been to a hotel where the bed is placed like this? Of course not. Even hotels know that good bed placement looks good and it sleeps good too!

The bed should always be on a wall where the door can be easily seen. The wall should be solid and there should be two nightstands and two lamps on either side of the bed – just like they have in hotel rooms, so use that as a guide. Look at your bedroom and make sure it would pass the “hotel room” test.

Have a crummy bed.

An old, broken down mattress, a water bed, or a bed that has no headboard all make for the kind of beds that will keep you broke, tired, frustrated and feeling like you can't get a good footing in your life. It’s vital that you have a proper mattress, a good, solid headboard and pleasing bed sheets and linens. These will make you feel comfortable and supported while you sleep, and that will make you feel confident and prepared during the day.

The crowded bedroom.

Make sure that your bedroom reflects both partners and isn’t the place where the pets sleep and you create the photo gallery of your kids. When a couple’s bedroom becomes the gathering place for photos, kids and pets, the relationship gets pushed to the back of the line, and all those images symbolically "watch you" in your bedroom.

Who wants the kids or grandma looking in on your love life?

Keep the pictures of friends, family and kids in the living area. If you’re single, make sure that the bedroom reflects two people, if you’re interested in having a long-term relationship. If not, then decorate it however you choose. Just make sure that your bedroom is only for you two.

Use lots of mirrors.

The energy around your bed is important for ensuring proper rest and good energy, but when your bed is reflected by mirrors, you double the people in the room.

Think about that: if you're single, that means there's two people in the room already, which is not good if you're looking for someone to love.

It's also not a good idea when you are in a relationship, because it can encourage outsiders in your relationship. But mostly, removing mirrors from your bedroom is a good idea because they are over stimulating and can cause insomnia.

Even if your mirrors are on your closet doors, replace them with regular doors or cover over them with fabric or wallpaper so that you can rest properly at night.

Fill it with work objects.

Ensure that your bedroom is a place to retire and be romantic by taking out all the objects that look like work. This means exercise equipment and office items like computers, tablets and desks. Make sure they go elsewhere in the house. Even if you mean well and intend to exercise, if you go to bed with an exercise cycle in your bedroom or a laptop, you’ll just be reminded of something you need to do and that interferes with getting good sleep or creating a satisfying love life.

Just add plants.

Whether it’s an overabundance of floral wallpaper or a dying ivy on the corner of your dresser, the bedroom is not the place for plants. A picture of a plant is okay, but actual plants? It’s not a good idea no matter how great it looks in decorating magazines. Plants drain energy in bedrooms and they positively kill a love life, so put them outside or in your living room if you simply must have them.

Make it watery.

Besides plants, water is another feng shui no-no. Seeing water or hearing water can drain your health and bank account especially if you hear water while you sleep. Make sure you can’t hear pools, fountains or other water features. If you can, invest in a white noise machine to help drown out the watery sounds if they can’t be turned off.

While you’re at it, make sure that your bedroom is not too dark. When a bedroom is full of dark colors, it can become too watery and that can cause depression, weight gain and lack of vitality. Make sure you open windows and let the sun in each morning to energize your bedroom and your life.


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