Monday, 27 June 2016


The outside of my Ipoh house and that of my neighbour Inderpreet Kaur Purbah has become a dumpsite. Inconsiderate neighbours throw soiled adult diapers, food scraps and other rubbish there. The moment my aunt and I opened the car doors we got a whiff of the stench.
My neighbour told me that the city council refused to throw the bags of cut grass and the grasscutter's van is being repaired. For the past few weeks I have taken bags of grass to the dumpster but each week there will be more bags. Arggghhh.
Feng Shui wise this is BAD.  All the rubbish is giving all bad energy.  Thankfully Mr Krishnan, the guy who regularly cuts the grass in my garden has promised to get rid of the rubbish once his van is repaired.  Hopefully there will be no rubbish dump outside my house when I go home next weekend.

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