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"The Feng Shui of Your Handwriting and Signature"

"The Feng Shui of Your Handwriting and Signature"

by Kathryn Weber

In feng shui, you can look at someone’s office and home and often see the level of success they enjoy. But can you take those same traits and apply it to something more personal, like your handwriting? Just like there’s a flow and movement that translate into qualities in your life, there’s flow of handwriting that can indicate – and even influence -- personal qualities.

The art of handwriting analysis, graphology, is much like feng shui.

Graphology is undertaken seriously by those who practice it, and those who don’t, often treat it esoterically. But, look at some interesting facts about handwriting analysis, or graphology. The CIA, FBI and many police departments in the US look at handwriting to understand the minds of those they’re investigating.

How does graphology relate to feng shui?

In feng shui, the mind and thinking are related to the hand, so by extension, the style of writing someone has provides some insight into that person’s personality and can influence their lives. In my own feng shui training, my teachers encouraged students to look at our signatures to make sure they looked successful and prosperous, with an emphasis of writing that had bold strokes that tilted up and to the right.

But what else makes a signature auspicious or writing that show signs of problems? According to Kathi McKnight, the “Handwriting Shaman,” changing your signature has the ability to change your life. “Handwriting can reveal things about you from your sex drive, your health and psychology, even exposing your demons to how open and expressive you are,” McKnight says.

When it comes to how you’re perceived in the world, McKnight says that the signature is where it’s at.

Some of the key qualities in signatures, though, are more about what not to do. “If someone makes a line in their signature that goes through their name, they’re effectively crossing out their right to take up space in this life,” she says. Other key qualities according to McKnight include whether the signature is legible or illegible. If illegible, the person may not want to be seen or “discovered.” If the signature is very different than their writing, it often shows someone who acts differently in their lives.

McKnight also said that a signature or writing that tilts left is also a good indicator of personality.

“If the slant moves to the left, the person is withdrawn or reclusive,” McKnight says. If it’s to the right, the person’s more expressive and sentimental. Small tips McKnight shared included how to improve one’s memory by being careful to dot your i’s carefully with the dot precisely over the letter.

Looking for love? Graphology can help. Note where someone crosses their t’s can show how healthy their self-esteem is, which often affects the relationship. The lower the cross bar on a t, the lower the self-esteem. Aiming for a middle or higher cross bar shows a better self-esteem. McKnight suggests looking for someone whose writing tilts right as opposed to left, which indicates an emotionally withdrawn person. According to graphology experts, approximately 75-80% of Americans write tilted to the right and that left leaning writing is more rare and can indicate emotional injury as a child.

And when it comes to money, McKnight recommends looking for the money bag strokes in your handwriting.

These are the g, j, and y letters that have loops at the bottom. When they’re round and full, they indicate an interest in money. When they’re compressed with slender bottom loops or if they’ve been re-traced, it shows trust issues around money, which could cause someone to not only have financial problems but to actually repel money.

What tips does she offer to make your signature more successful?

Her first recommendation is to make your signature legible. After that, McKnight suggests making the first letter slightly larger than the others in your first and last name. “This shows a healthy ego.” And when it comes to underlining your name, a single underline that starts from left to right is helpful. One last feng shui tip is that all writing should take a forward movement, especially the signature. When letters move backwards or strokes go to the left, it indicates a problem moving forward in life.


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