Monday, 16 May 2016


This herb is called keremak merah in Malay. In Cantonese it is known as Hoong teen wu.
The Hung Teen Wu ( 红田乌) can be purchased from the wet markets in Ipoh and Sitiawan . I got these from the Kampung Koh market in Sitiawan for RM5.20. One kilo costs RM7.00.
Leaves boiled (with brown sugar) and drunk as tea to improve blood circulation, as well as relieve high blood sugar and hypertension. It has anti ulser properties. It is a home remedy for piles. It can be used to treat inflammation, joint pain, liver diseases and loss of appetite.
For blood cleansing and detoxification. It is diuretic and cooling. The juice of this plant, deemed beneficial to eyes, skin and hair. It is an ingredient in the making of medicinal hair oils and Kajal (kohl). The keremak is anti bacterial and anti fungal. The root of the plant is used to treat stomach problems. The young leaves and stems can be fried with chilli, sambal belacan, dried shrimps, anchovies.
Keremak Merah (Alternanthera sessilis) can help reduce cholesterol in the body and also regulate blood flow. It can also be used as a tonic.

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