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"The Feng Shui of Your Front Door Sidewalk"

"The Feng Shui of Your Front Door Sidewalk"

By Kathryn Weber

Feng shui focuses a lot of thought and energy on the front door. The size, direction, color and condition of the door all influence the occupants of the house or business and how successful or unsuccessful they are. But what delivers you to that front door? The home’s sidewalk or garden path. When that pathway is missing or afflicted, so is the quality and type of energy from that home.

The pathway is another way of looking at water because water brings opportunity and income, and roads and pathways in front of a home are considered water pathways.

When water is running smoothly and easily, this promotes the wealth and health of the home and its occupants. This is what makes curb appeal such an important part of building your home’s feng shui.

The appearance of your front door and the front walkway instantly set the tone for the kind of energy you have in the house and the type and quality of opportunities and good fortune you experience. It’s what makes the type of walkway you have coming to the front of the house such an important part of creating the kind of feng shui that creates the kind of life you enjoy the most.

Look at these sidewalk and pathway points for improving your home’s pathways, and your home’s chi and your good fortune.

This arrow-straight walkway to the door can create problems for the residents of the house. It’s made even worse if you can see out the house from the front door and can cause severe financial hardship.

The poison arrow path.

This is one of the most common problems with the front sidewalk. This sidewalk is usually at the street and runs straight to the front door. This type of sidewalk can cause rushing chi and is often described as a poison arrow.

When looked at it as a waterway, this type of path is akin to a firehose – it delivers so much water so quickly as to be destructive.

The poison arrow path delivers energy too quickly and can cause problems with the sector it is associated with, in addition to creating hostility aimed at the occupants of the house. This is compounded further if you can see from the front door out the back of the door. It will often cause the occupants to have severe health and financial difficulties, possibly even bankruptcy.

To correct, be sure to add some plantings next to the sidewalk to help soften it. You can also take out a center section of the sidewalk and add a circular area with an urn or a planting area that makes visitors go around. You can also add planting beds that run alongside the walkway to help slow down the chi.

The starving house.

Often older homes did not have a path or walkway from the driveway or street to the front door. When there is no waterway, the home is starved -- or dying of thirst.

If the house is quite old, this would have been fine years ago when the house was built but as the house ages, anyone who lives in the house will see depleting finances as well as health problems.

To correct, a new front walk must be added. The more permanent the walk, like poured concrete, the better as this type of walkway will help bring more water chi to the front door more quickly.

The afflicted house pathway.

This house may have a walkway that is too small, old, cracked, crumbling or deteriorating. This means the quality of the energy is deteriorating too.

This disrupts the walkways ability to deliver the water or chi to the front door, cutting off income, opportunity or making the quality of the opportunity and income decline over time. Make sure the walkway to your front door is in good condition and that it delivers chi to the door smoothly and auspiciously.

Pathway and sidewalk pointers
• Always try to make the walkways auspicious looking and attractive with plants and other landscaping elements.
• Endeavour to creating smoothly winding or curving pathways. These deliver beneficial chi.
• Add lighting to pathways to encourage excellent yang energy.
• Add plantings such as beautiful flowers to add good fortune chi.
• Promote excellent energy by adding other features such as water fountains to bring benevolent energy to your home.


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