Monday, 14 March 2016


In Feng Shui the Pi Yao or Pi Xiu is used as a protective cure against the negative energy of the Grand Duke (Tai Sui). The right positioning of the Pi Yao (Pi Xiu) is in the bagua direction opposite the area affected by the Grand Duke presence. As of 4th February 2016, this cure should be placed in the northeast facing southwest of your home or office or the northeast facing southwest area of an important room like an office, bedroom, living room etc. - A Metal Pi Yao might also be used as a potent feng shui cure for two other negative energies in Flying Star Feng Shui the Number 2 Illness Star and 5 Yellow Star. So in 2016, you can place a metal Pi Yao in the Northeast facing Southwest.
As a good luck and abundance cure, Pi Yao is widely displayed in offices, as well as homes. For this purpose, it is best to display a pair of Pi Yao (Pi Xiu). You can display them in your money area, your lucky direction for wealth, or simply in a prominent area of your living room. Do not place the Pi Yao in the bathroom or kitchen.


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