Monday, 21 March 2016


The Maneki Neko or Lucky Cat is a common feature found in many Chinese shops in Malaysia. The Maneki Neko, or Lucky Cat, is a tricolored cat figure that continuously waves with one paw at a time.

The waving paw looks like the Fortune Cat would wave to say goodbye. However in fact it means, that the cat is waving the fortune nearer to the building where it is placed or to the owner of the

It is often discussed that the left and the right paw have its own meanings. A lot of people say, that the left paw waves to attract more customers to the shop where the figure is placed. The cat is said to attract whole multitudes of customers with the left paw.

If the cat waving with the right paw, it means that the cat is waving the fortune and wealth nearer to its owner.


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