Tuesday, 15 March 2016


 For more than a month, this little kitten was stuck on top of the roof of the college library.  It must've have gotten up there but then did not know how to come down. The staff and janitors tried to get it down but each time, it ran to hide.
In the mornings and evenings, it comes out and starts to meow.  I guess it was trying to ask for food. Luckily for it, my friends and I threw food up for it.  Sometimes the office boy would send food and drinks using a ladder.  
I was pleasantly surprised to see it when I went back to the library yesterday afternoon. The little kitten came to me. I think it recognised me from when it looked down from the rooftop every day. It knew I meant no harm.
I fed it food and made sure it drank some water.
Then I wiped kitty with a wet cloth. I decided to call it Snowy cos it reminded me of Snow the cat which died in an accident last year.

The cleaning ladies confirmed that Snowy is the kitten from the library roof. They told me it jumped down to the awning and then it might have fallen to the grass. I checked it for injuries but found none. Before I left the library, I got a box and lined it with a cushion for Snowy. The makeshift bed is placed near the entrance to the library. I also asked the cleaners to help feed it. Tomorrow my colleague Daniel Farid will check on Snowy and feed it as I need to be back in Ipoh.

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