Thursday, 17 March 2016


In the year of the Fire Monkey, the North sector of the house is visited by the Metal Star 7.  Now this is a bad star bringing with it threats of violence, injury, robbery, deceit, abuse, accidents, burglary, gossips and scandals.
As this is the number 7 is a metal star, the presence of this element here should be remove or reduced. Fire and Earth elements should also not be used as they would strengthen metal.
To contain this star, we need WATER.  One Feng Shui cure would be the rhino and elephant, preferably in blue.  A vase of fresh flowers or 3 stalks of lucky bamboo in a vase of water.
What you see here is the North sector of my home.  Obviously, I have used a lot of blue.  Also I have placed a vase of lucky bamboo in water.  A water dispenser I received as a gift from a friend is also placed here.  My water purifier has also been moved to this sector.  And yes, my blue monkey.

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