Monday, 22 February 2016


I watched Deadpool the Movie for the first time on Sunday afternoon with Baz and Lai Yoong.
It was the third time Baz was watching Deadpool.  Yeah, she liked it that much.

I had read very positive reviews about Deadpool from the Internet and also the newspapers.  Baz who watched it also gave glowing reviews for the movie.  So I told myself that I must watch it to see what made it sooo interesting that Baz was willing to watch it for the third time with me.
How was it?  Different from the superhero movies that I usually watch.  First and foremost, the language used in the movie was foul.  The F-word was used abundantly throughout the movie.  Then there were the sexual innuendos and the violence.  The action was thick from beginning to end.  Ryan Reynolds made the Deadpool role his own.  An interesting watch but I would only watch it once.  The foul language and excessive violence is too much for me.

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