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The 12 Animal Signs for 2016

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Feng Shui has been practised for thousands of years, so it’s no surprise that many people still associate the art to mythical folklore and ancient beliefs. However, many renowned Feng Shui masters nowadays have managed to modernise the principles, schools of thoughts as well as philosophical systems to make it easier for those who are interested in learning it.

2016 is the Year of the Fire Monkey and it promises to be a challenging and diverse year filled of ambitious endeavours. The Year of the Fire Monkey is a promising year for development, so with this simplified guide below for each individual animal, readers will be able to work with their strengths and take precautionary steps where necessary in the coming year.


The coming year may be one full of challenges which could hurt your plans. However, even in the worst of situations, there will be silver linings that will help you grow to be a better person. There will be problems both at home and at work and this may cause you some emotional distress which in turn may lead to health issues. Make sure you take the time to relax. Some proper planning may help you allay some of the more problematic matters. You may also want to be more attentive towards the health of your family members.


2016 will a smooth sailing year for you with many prospects in career and wealth, although you may have to be more attentive towards your health. There will be much to explore in the form of business ventures which are likely to bring positive outcomes. Communication issues will likely stretch your emotional state so beware. Chances of accidents, burglary and financial losses is distinctively higher so extra caution is advised.


The coming months may feel like an emotional rollercoaster ride due to multiple issues. Additionally, you may need to be more observant towards your family members’ health and safety. Be careful when entering into any agreements and be sure to apply wisdom in every aspect of decision making, especially when it comes to matters related to money. It will be wise for you to avoid lending or borrowing money this year.


Your successes will hinge entirely on your health and emotional well-being this year. A healthy mind and body will help you go a long way in being productive and producing positive results. Assistance from helpful individuals will be abundant and this will help ease the progress of your endeavours. Mind your words and actions or you may risk misunderstandings which will lead to arguments. There is a higher risk for accidents and legal issues so it is advisable to be extra cautious.


2016 will be favourable for you in the form of many great opportunities. Despite this, you will have to be vigilant to avoid pitfalls that could lead to legal issues and emotional problems. You will be blessed with many helpful people this year, on top of good fortune in career prospects. As long as you are careful with your words and actions, there shouldn’t be any concern of major problems or long-lasting damage.


With the presence of positive stars, 2016 looks bright for you and it looks set to be a year full of achievements, happy occasions and fruitful outcomes. Helpful people will be bountiful and this will be highly supportive of your endeavours. There may be some major decisions to be made in terms of your career, but with the assistance of those around you, the process should not be troublesome one. If they are any elderly people under your roof, you may have to pay extra attention to their health. Some threats of financial losses due to lack of control and the presence of petty people may also be possible.


Hurdles and problems shouldn’t be difficult to overcome as there will be a lot of noble people to help you get through them. Possibilities of injuries and conflicts are possible this year and you may have to practice due care to avert them. You will be tested in ways you have never been before. Set realistic goals and be shrewd in your decisions to avoid failures and financial losses. When it comes to family, it will be advisable to do your best to maintain the bonds. Never neglect your loved ones.


Look forward to an excellent year filled with beneficial people which will enrich your life. Expect your endeavours to end with satisfactory results although that doesn’t mean you should be just lay back and rest your laurels. Some problems relating to finances, your physical well-being and some other issues could put a dent to your plans. Refrain from spending beyond your means and ensure you cover all your bases before travelling long distances.


This is the year where your intellectual capabilities will bring about advancement in your professional pursuits. Your self-confidence will receive a boost, which in turn will help you make the right decisions when the time calls for it. However, be wary with your finances and prudence is advised when it comes to your personal safety. The possibility of accidents and injuries are high and a little more caution on your part would be a good thing.


You will be able to find help when you need it the most and any stumbling blocks in the coming months are likely to be resolved in a satisfactory manner. Your career, aspirations and other aspects in life are likely to be on a similar positive roll. However, striking a good balance between your career and personal life would be prudent to avoid stressing yourself out. Some emotional issues stemming from gossip and rumours can be expected.


The coming months will be bountiful for you, especially in academic pursuits. Helpful people will be easily found and they will be able to provide you with a new point of view. Timely action is required in order for you to seize opportunities available in 2016 and there will be plenty of those. Nevertheless, it will pay to keep tabs on your health and physical well-being as you will be prone to accidents and injuries this year, especially when it comes to long distance travel.


This will be a good year to expand your social network as it is especially beneficial for relationships. As such, take full opportunity to pursue romantic interests and for those who are already committed, it will be good time to tie the knot. Stay positive when things get rough and remember there are always people around you who are willing to share the load. Take care of your health and you will be able to rejuvenate your mind to become productive again. Focus your mind on your goals and never be affected by any emotional burden.

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