Tuesday, 23 February 2016


February 22, 2016 marked the 15th and final day of Chinese New Year.  It is also known as the Yuen Siu or the Spring Lantern Festival in places like Hong Kong and China. There, families gather around the table to eat sweet tong yuen dumplings, served several to a bowl to signify togetherness. Throughout the 15 day celebration those who are superstitious do not have a haircut and only after this day they can have a haircut again, without incurring any inauspicious wrath.

Traditionally on this day in China, the cities are  festooned with auspicious red lanterns.  It is a celebration of the beginning of spring and the birth of the new year. For some, lighting a new lantern symbolizes the birth of a new you, free of the cares and troubles of the previous year. 

I was really blessed to have the company of my workplace friends who came to share this day with me.  I had a CNY Snack Party.  I brought along all the uneaten snacks I had at home and bought cakes and packet drinks to serve to my friends.  

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