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"Feng Shui for 2016 the Year of the Monkey"

By Kathryn Weber

In 2016, The Year of the Monkey holds some big changes and wonderful opportunities. Women will really enjoy the Monkey year!

Like all years, though, it also has its challenges.

But if you're prepared and put your remedies and enhancements in place, you’ll do just fine. If you really make an effort, this could be the year you take BIG STEPS. That’s because women have some terrific energy that can help them set a plan in place that could pay off for years!

Areas of Concern

Security and Safety First.

This year it’s more important than ever to stay on the side of caution — and in every respect — and for everyone in your family. Make sure you are thorough with contracts, read the fine print, check your credit card statements for fraudulent charges and do background checks on questionable people (single girls are you listening?). Don’t take a smooth talker at his word or job promises without getting it in writing.

Make sure to check locks, invest in a burglar alarm and don’t go out alone at night. Make sure your family is safe, too. Make the kids wear their bike helmets, buckle up in the car, and be extra cautious about the oldest son. Risky sports and rough sports can bring injuries.

Watch your words -- especially on the job.

The 3 star in the northwest sector (bosses) and the 2 star in the center sector and the 7 star in the career sector all create a nasty triangle of bitter talk. Avoid gossip at all costs — both personally and at work, but especially at work. You will get caught up in a “triangulation” of gossip at work and it will cost you even if you don’t instigate it.

Jobs can also be lost because of the 7 star and work relationships can be harmed by “cutting” words. Hold your tongue this year and count to ten. As a rule, it will be better to listen than speak…but that’s good advice anytime, isn’t it? But, it’s especially true this year. Keep your ear to the ground this year in case there are layoffs. Have your resume up to date just in case. Be careful about injuries on the job, especially if your travel for work.

If your bedroom or front door is in the north, make sure you wear plenty of blue and black clothes and have blue and black colors in your bedroom. You may want to invest in something like the evil eye amulet to help keep you from harm at work or from injury.

Health can be a challenge.

The 2 star flies to the center sector, the sector of the spine. But most of the problems the 2 star causes are mild and annoying versus serious. Make sure you take care when lifting anything or you could aggravate an old back injury -- or have a new one.

It won't be bad, but it will take you out of commission for a while. Keep healthy lush plants in the center sector of the house or living room and add metal objects here such as a 6 rod wind chime, wu luo and Happy Buddha to protect your health and wealth.

It’s also a year for challenges across the board for health because of the 5 Yellow in the northeast sector. This is the sector of the hands and the mind. Take care when working with your hands or doing anything like roller skating -- many wrists are broken trying to break a fall.

It's critical that you watch ailments this year if your bedroom or front door is in the northeast corner of the house.

Please heed this warning: have all symptoms checked out immediately if your front door or bedroom is located here. You should be especially cautious if this is your bedroom. If you can move out of this room, it would be wise.

You can help alleviate the influence of the 5 Yellow, which is known for tumors, cancer, broken bones, major financial problems and severe accident, if you have a 5 Element Pagoda and metal objects here . Having a pendulum clock or a ceiling fan constantly turning is wise. If this is your front door, add lush healthy plants to protect your health.

Make sure you keep those annual appointments with the dentist and doctor.

Don’t put off any health symptoms that concern you because these could mushroom into a bigger problem. This is true for the whole family and for rabbits, in particular. Boars and Rabbit zodiac signs should be cautious about injuries by metal (i.e., car, sharp objects, etc.) and they should carry amulets to protect them.

Areas for Growth

Wealth gains coming this year for women.

There is good business potential in the southwest corner of relationships and women. You can get ahead in the year by thinking strategically in business by partnering with women or joining up with your significant other or spouse. Women host the 8 Wealth star to help them get make strong job gains and this bodes especially well for women entrepreneurs.

The word to focus on for gaining income and financial opportunities? Partnership. Make sure you activate both the southwest sector of women and the southeast wealth sector with a dragon tortoise or fish to activate the water (read: WEALTH) energy!

We also have good potential this year to get ahead by rubbing elbows with influential friends.

The number 6 good fortune star is in the south, the sector of networking and socializing. You could find that it's a good idea to attend networking events, go to socializing activities after work or fostering relationships with influential friends and asking for favors. Ask those movers and shakers you know for advice and they may just mentor you or take you under their wing.

Trying to get pregnant? This is the year the pregnancy star is in the east sector so you have some cosmic help there -- especially if you'd like a boy. 2015 was a good year to try for a girl; in 2016, it's a boy. Spend lots of time here and add fresh flowers to boost your chances of becoming pregnant. Looking for more ideas about feng shui for fertility? Be sure to check out my FREE ebook on feng shui for fertility.

Wealth potential from investments, working on your portfolio.

Despite what the stock market has done, it will pay to invest some time and energy in your assets such as retirement and stock accounts. This year the White 1 star of income means that there's an opportunity to grow wealth assets. If you haven't started an investment account (yet), this is the year to do it. Adding a water fountain or dragon tortoise in the southeast sector where the income star has flown to will help you get a leg up on those investment accounts this year.

Love gets a boost in 2016.

The 4 love and education star has moved to the west and that means the west corner of your house holds the greatest potential for love energy. Make sure you boost this area with crystals. It's also the area associated with education, so having a globe located here will help you with exams, writing and moving ahead in education. This bodes well for children. Have them study in this part of the house or living room.

Like many year recently, water is a missing element. Stress (particularly verbal stress) can run high this year. Health might be strained. That’s why a vacation to the beach or lake is your best bet for relaxation. Water will soothe angry words and frayed nerves. Be sure to wear blue, carry a blue purse (for money energy!), and try to take time by water either with swimming, listening to a waterfall, or just staring at the ocean.

Below is the annual afflictions and energies chart to help you track where all the energies are for the year.

2016 Annual Energies Chart

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