Thursday, 28 January 2016


The # 3 Quarelsome Star enters the Northwest sector in 2016, threatening misunderstandings, major arguments and potentially drawn out legal issues. The Northwest sector is drawn to the chi energy of the father or head male of the household.

In 2016, the Number 3 Quarrelsome Star is a highly annoying star in the annual feng shui chart. Those born in the Year of the Dog or Boar, fathers, sons and those whose bedrooms are located in the Northwest part of the home, are particularly vulnerable to the angry energy in 2016. Keep this part of the home quiet: try to limit movement, loud sound or excessive disturbances of any kind in order to pacify the #3, and this applies all year long.

The best way to not aggravate this hostile star is to reduce gossip or office politics and even work towards avoiding costly or lengthy lawsuits.

Beware of losing your temper more easily than usual and try to not take matters so seriously.


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