Tuesday, 29 December 2015


2016 North - Protect Your Home

The North bagua area is hosting the challenging feng shui star #7, the star associated with unexpected negative events related to your and your home protection. The element of this visiting star is Metal, and the element of the North bagua area is Water.

This is quite helpful as Water drains the energy of Metal, but you still need to make an effort to balance and control the challenging energies here in 2016.

You need to focus on Water element cures in order to exhaust the Metal; and be sure to avoid Earth element decor because Earth gives more strength to Metal (according to the five feng shui element cycles). Also avoid Fire element decor here.

Here's how to neutralize the challenging 2016 North feng shui energies:
Decorate with colours of the Water feng shui element - blue and black - with various decor items such as pillows, a lamp shade, the rug or the curtains.
A less known feng shui symbol/cure - the Rhinoceros - is recommended with this feng shui star, choose one in blue colour to strengthen the needed Water feng shui element. The elephant symbol energy can work very well here, too.
Avoid a strong presence of the Metal element, either in colours (white and gray) or actual metal decor items. Also avoid the Earth feng shui element, as in earthy colours, or actual items, such as crystals, pottery, etc.
As always with the challenging feng shui areas, keep the North bagua area in 2016 calm, no renovations, no noise, etc.

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