Saturday, 31 October 2015


We are two days shy of November 3rd. A year ago on this day, Shafiq, Afiq and I picked a sick little kitten from the drain. While trying to clean one of its eyes that was bulging, it fell out. The three of us were terrified but we steeled out nerves to send the kitten to the vet to save it. Its life was saved but it only had one eye. Through the course of the first two weeks, we nursed the one eyed kitten back to health. Even after that it was sickly, it had diarrhoea. kurap and worms. I was resolute in saving the kitten and decided to make a vow. I vowed that if my kitten were to live and be healthy I would have a thanksgiving celebration for him. So I started saving money in a coin bank for Junior. When I counted the amount last week, Junior had RM120. Hmm...enough to treat the big brothers, aunties and uncles in the college. That was enough to cover the main meal. I topped up to buy snacks and refreshments. Some of the invited guests also brought along food.
Stay strong and healthy my furry son. We shall all celebrate your second birthday again next year.
Me with Shafiq and Afiq

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