Monday, 12 October 2015


What the Gloxinia Means:

Gloxinias signify love at first sight. Although there really isn’t that much information about how this all started, it’s a great symbolism that may actually kick off your love life. So if you met someone and love blossomed in your heart in a snap, you can express your feelings with a pot of gloxinias if you’re too shy to show and express your feelings. Send the person you love these flowers and if they know what it all means, it can mean the start of a beautiful relationship.

On the other hand, gloxinias also mean a proud spirit. This probably has to do with the size of the flowers of the gloxinia. Usually very tiny flowers of white, maroon or purple, they stand out against the lush leaves that grow underneath them.



Kevin said...

It was through looking up the meaning of gloxinia that I first came to this site. The Victorians had so many symbolisms when it came to plants - most of these are lost now. And I find that sort of sad.

Miss Cheah said...

So we have to thank Gloxinia for getting us together. Here's to Gloxinia.