Wednesday, 28 October 2015


Fans were known in China as long ago as 1000 BC and for a time were a sign of the rank of a civil servant.

Chinese mythology states that one of the immortals (Chung-li Ch'iian) carried a fan that he used to bring the dead back to life. Some deities are depicted with a fan to drive out evil spirits.

In feng shui, fans are primarily for fanning, guiding energy in a desired direction. Even if hung on a wall, the fan's symbolic meaning will still serve its purpose.

The symbolic effect of a fan can be enhanced by the use of color, a motif (peacock, dragon, crane), or a calligraphic sign (luck, long life).

  • On a staircase, to guide energy upward
  • In long hallways, to guide energy
  • In large rooms, to improve the circulation of energy.

  • The open side determines the direction of the flow of energy.
  • Never point the fan straight up or straight down, but always at an angle.

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