Tuesday, 22 September 2015


Last night I watched an episode of the Hong Kong drama Triumph in the Skies which featured the the Tri-angle Doll from Italy which is referred to as the Guardian of Love. It is believed that the doll helps to nurture love and understanding in a couple in love thus creating a strong and long-lasting relationship.

After doing a bit of searching online, I found out more about Triangel. Legend has it that the Greek God of Love (Eros) has two Arrows, one gold arrow, and one silver. The gold arrow is used to help people to find someone fated for them, the silver arrow is dedicated to the destruction of fate. So Eros sent a guardian angel to prevent the silver arrow from destroying the fate of lovers. This angel is ~Triangel. Now, in Italy, girls like to place their Triangels in their rooms and let the Triangels bless them.

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