Monday, 31 August 2015


I started working on making the skirting for the main table in the library last Friday but had to leave the job unfinished as the time was pushing 7 p.m.  My furry darlings at home needed to be fed their dinner.  So I went back to complete the job this afternoon.
I am not sure about others but I have this superstition about leaving job (that could be completed within a sitting) undone.  Since small, it had been drummed into me that all our actions are recorded by an officer in Hades and when my time comes, all the unfinished work will be presented to the God of Hades and his tribune for judgement.  So I usually try my best to finish all the short term work at one go.  If not, I make sure I will complete them as soon as possible.
Call me superstitious but I won't rest if I have work left undone. So I was working on a Sunday afternoon to get the job completed.
 When the officers from MQA visited last year, they said that the library was like that of a school and not like that of a college.  We were told to visit libraries in higher institutions of learning like universities and colleges to get an idea of what to do to transform.  One thing for sure is that the library was too colourful with very bright colours. So that had to be toned down.  Needed to give the place a corporate feel.  So we opted for three main colours, grey, white and blue.
The grey cloth I bought was too thin and so I decided to maintain the glossy golden skirting as the inner layer.
 TADA.  Done the centre table.  Need to do two more tables by the side.

I also changed the skirting for the computer table and lined the upper rack with a grey rubber sheet.

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