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"Get off that losing streak – how to stem your losses with feng shui"

"Get off that losing streak – how to stem your losses with feng shui"

by Kathryn Weber

There are times when it seems like everything you touch goes wrong or breaks. Then there are those times that simply leave you reeling from losses – a job evaporates, a business goes bankrupt, a spouse walks out, a house sale falls through, your car gets rear ended, or you get a diagnosis of a serious illness.

These kinds of problems can be hard to bounce back from, especially if they come in rapid succession.

Often good luck comes in pairs but bad luck comes in threes…. or fours, or fives.

Some call that “three on a match” which is considered bad luck. Maybe it’s a coincidence of timing or maybe it’s feng shui. It could be your heaven luck, karma or an unfavorable planetary alignment, if you’re a follower of astrology.

But no matter what the cause is, all you know is that you want the losing streak to end.

So, short of praying to saints or crawling into a hole, what can you do to turn around a string of losses?

Feng shui is always an available option, and taking a close look at your feng shui is a good way to try to shift some energy and begin the process of stemming the problems from showing up at your door in succession.

Try these feng shui tips to help you stop losses and turn your chi around from one of loss and insecurity to stability and gain.

Monthly stars.

Most of the time when one thing after another breaks or bad luck just keeps coming like bullets out of a machine gun, it’s because there has been a change in the monthly energies that either hit your front door or your bedroom. The most serious energies come from the numbers 2, 5, and 7, and when those stars fly to where you sleep (where you’re the most vulnerable), there can be a string of problems.

How do you handle these? It helps to know in advance with a monthly calendar that gives you all the energies and tells when you to expect them — and most importantly — how to handle them.

New items.

Have you brought something into your home since the problems began? It could be predecessor energy that is causing the problems. Often antiques and other inherited or second-hand items carry their own energies with them. One person created a new patio out of bricks that, as it turned out, came from an old building that housed slaves. As soon as that patio was installed, she began having all kinds of problems and eventually tore it out and used brand new pavers.

Look around.

Has something changed in your neighborhood or your home? Has a tree or shrub died? Don’t let trees and plants die a slow, agonizing death. At the first sign of decline, remove them and replace them with something lush and healthy. If you can view a cemetery from your home, it’s vital that you block this view and that your home is surrounded by great, growing dragon chi! This is a wonderful way to stop loss energy.

Draining sleep — check your bed.

Many people who suffer draining, losing energy are aligned with a negative energy when they sleep. For instance, the feet point directly out a window, or worse, toward a sink, bathroom, toilet or bathtub. This can cause serious loss of income, jobs and can even result in death. You are so vulnerable when you sleep, it’s crucial to be sure your feet are not in line with anything that can drain your energy as you sleep.

Draining, losing views.

If your home views a ditch, culvert, drain or other water run off area, your chi drains with it. Try to block the view with a beautiful bush or flowering shrub. Remember: chi flows where the eye goes and if your eye goes to a place of loss and downward flow, then that’s where your chi goes too.

Look behind.

Like the bed’s headboard at night, your home needs good support and the losing streak can be caused by what’s behind you that’s missing, such as support, or worse, eroding support. For example, if there’s a street directly behind your house, this represents water, and just like you shouldn’t turn your back to the ocean, water behind your home represents loss.

Make sure you block this view if at all possible with something such as a fence or wall. If the land at your home slopes away from the back of your house, you are losing vital support. Adding trees and lighting behind the house will help give you some more support and stop some of the loss.

Open your mind.

When we have problems occurring in rapid fire succession, we often start saying “what’s next?” or begin thinking very negatively, become overly judgmental, or even feel depressed. Those negative thoughts are a spiral that only goes in one direction: down. One of the ways to create a shift from negativity is to keep close tabs on your mental like and dislike thoughts. Judgment and negative thoughts and feelings can draw more negativity toward us. If anything, try to remain neutral or positive. Act friendly to draw more friendliness and positive responses to yourself.

Buy yourself flowers.

Loss represents yin energy and emptiness. Combat that emptiness with vibrant, expressive yang energy. This is one of the best ways to stop yin energy from growing more yin. Keep the flowers fresh and replace them often. Keep fresh flowers in your home for a month to stem yin energy.


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