Sunday, 5 July 2015


For want of better things to do, I used a small towel and fashioned it into a towel for Junior.  What do you think?


Kevin said...

In Auckland a young boy was hurt in a car accident. While Sikhs are not usually allowed to remove their turbans the young Sikh removed his so he could place it under the head of the injured boy. This was filmed and made it onto the TV. The young Sikh has since received hero awards and numerous gifts for his good deed. Can you believe it but a couple of days later I was standing in line at the post office when a woman behind me collapsed. I helped her up and then onto a chair so she could recover but I kept thinking to myself - If only I had a turban! I hope Junior will have luck with his turban.

Miss Cheah said...

Kevin, what a gem of a story. Loved the humour at the end.