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"The Unique Feng Shui of a New Home"

by Kathryn Weber

Moving into a new house, whether it is truly new or just new to you, is exciting. You begin making plans for your life and see it unfolding in the rooms of your new house. But the feng shui of new houses is different than houses where someone has lived a long time.

There are situations about the house that you’ll need to think about before you move in. Check the tips below for ideas on what you need to know about new house chi and feng shui.

Get a feng shui consultation before buying and moving in.

Many times people set up a consultation after moving into a new house. The ideal time to get a consultation is before moving or buying the house. This way, the consultant can advise you on potential problems. But, if you didn’t or couldn’t get a feng shui consultation, having one after you move in is still a good idea.

Clear the house before moving in.

Houses hold on to energies, memories and the vibrations of all those who lived in them. This makes a house clearing an important part of moving in effectively. You’ll want to make sure the house is thoroughly cleaned and that you buy new brooms and mops for the house. Then you’ll want to do a space clearing. The articles below will be helpful for how to do the clearing and moving in.

Starting over.

Residents of new homes often feel like they are low on energy in the new home. That’s because when you start over in a new home, you’re starting with a blank slate. It takes time for your energy to equilibrate with the new home and often moving into a new home feels like a drain instead of a boost. But, don’t worry, you can build chi quickly!

Add growing energy.

Chi is built over time and the more time you spend in a house the more the house takes on an imprint of your energies. To get your house started with great chi, give it some good energy to begin with. Purchase new plants, keep fresh flowers in the house and add landscaping to the house.

This is especially important if the house has been unoccupied a long time or if the last owners had negative circumstances such as divorce, bankruptcy or health problems. Plus, plants have great, growth energy. Adding new landscaping and having pretty flowers at the front door is one of the best ways to give your home great energy.

Add happy chi.

There’s a reason people hold house blessing and house warming parties – they bring great chi to the home! The more happy people you have in your house, the better the chi.

Having a party or barbecue at your home brings in an imprint of festivities, positive feelings and starts building the chi of your new home with this type of chi that brings good fortune to the house. Make an effort to host lots of get togethers in your new home to put your imprint on it and raise the home’s energy.

New home money problems.

Some new homes can create problems. You are starting over with a completely new set of natal energies to the home and it can influence your life startlingly. This is a good time to get a feng shui consultation.

What if your income declines in a new home? This happens a lot. If it happens to you, then chances are, it’s just part of the new house energy. One cause of money problems could be the new arrangement, a front door lined up with windows, stairs or a backdoor, for example.

This happened to me and money flew out of the house until we spent almost $10,000 to fix it – but we knew this going in. Once we created a foyer at the front door with a set of doors, we blocked the view from the front door out to the back door. This is just one example, but it does sometimes happen in a new house, and might be a good idea to have a feng shui consultation.

New home health problems.

This also happens a lot. We resonate with our homes and they resonate with us. When we make a big change and move into a new home, we have to align our energies again, and that includes our health and emotional energies.

One thing that happens a lot with newly constructed homes is the off-gassing of wood floors, carpeting, paint and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs). So in this case, it’s not the feng shui of the house but the construction. Moving in can make sensitive respiratory systems go haywire because of the off-gassing.

You also may not be aware of water leaks and the house could have a mold problem. The mold can easily be checked. But in the case of the off gassing, simply airing out the house or replacing the heating and air filters specially made for VOCs can help.


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