Friday, 17 July 2015


Ramadan has come and gone and Syawal has reported in. But allow me thank all my friends and colleagues plus their family members who were kind enough to give their support to the yearly charitable project that I carry out with a few of my friends. It is through their generosity and kindness that my team and I were able to buy Raya clothes for 30 orphans, needy and handicapped children. We were also able to give Raya Goodie Bags to the Opahs and Atuk ( senior citizens) at Pondok Lekir.
Pictured here are disabled siblings Adam and Fatimah and the Raya clothes we bought for them. Whatever money that was left from the collection was chanelled to them for their nursing needs.
Once again, my team and I thank all those who have contributed from the bottom of our hearts.
Thank you for giving my friends and I the chance to bring some cheer into the lives of the orphaned, the needy, the old and the disabled. With the blessings and grace from the Power Above, please again allow us the privilege to continue with our project next year which will be the 10th year.

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