Thursday, 4 June 2015


Tebu Gajah Plant uprooted by the felling of conifers.

I went to check the damage done to the herbs after the conifer trees were felled. Only a few of the plants were damaged but they could be easily bought and replaced but not for the Tebu Gajah plant. So I had to ask the gardeners to help me to save it. They will have to help me to replant and hopefully it survives.

This plant is very difficult to find and it has a lot of medicinal uses. Check out the uses below.

Scientific name: Albizzia Myriophylla

Uses (Kegunaan):
- Penawar demam (helps reduce fever)
- Penawar racun ( bersifat antidot ) (antidote for poison)
- Mengubati sakit telinga (helps to cure ear ache)
- Membuang angin dalam badan (rids body of wind)
- Ubat tenaga batin (Improves virility)
- Merawat kencing manis (treats diabetes)
- Merawat darah tinggi (treats hypertension)
- Merawat Keputihan (treats white discharge)
- Memberi tenaga (helps boosts stamina)
- Baik untuk kesihatan wanita (for general female health)
- Mengelakkan sakit-sakit badan (prevents body aches)
- Pelawas.(roughage)
- Meneutralkan kafein (neutralises the effects of caffeine)

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