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Serviced apartments could be defined as a type of furnished apartment available for short-term stays, which provides amenities for daily use. Many of us are starting to include this form of accommodation in our options as they can be less expensive than equivalent hotel rooms, while providing more space and privacy for the occupants.

If you’re staying in one of these units for an extended period of time, a concern for good Feng Shui could be raised. Of course, most of us want to benefit from the balanced flow of energies in the space that we live in to support our daily endeavours and outlooks in life.

Here are some tips you could follow to welcome a bright, comfortable and calming environment in your serviced apartment.

Scary Yin Qi

There’s nothing scary about Yin Qi, really. While they can accumulate in an unoccupied unit for a long period of time, claims that they are harmful to the occupants are perhaps a little skewed towards the fictitious side of the story. ZeRi or better known as date selection is more important if you want to kick start a smooth transition to your serviced apartment. Remember, Yang Qi is not solely derived from sunlight alone - it can stem from the energies of the occupants as well.

Duration Concerns

Feng Shui, besides being a business of proportion and balance, is also a matter of time factor as well. For Feng Shui’s effects to truly impact the occupants of a serviced apartment, a period of two to three months is needed. Anything less than that is simply not significant enough to bore any effects.

Size Doesn’t Matter

Small may be an understatement to describe some of the serviced apartments out there, but luckily Feng Shui is applicable to all sizes. So, as long as there are people staying in it, you can Feng Shui it!

The Trail for Food

The sight and smell of food in the kitchen may be saliva-inducing, but having a main door that opens directly into one is not exactly what you would regard as a good idea. If kitchen is aligned to the main door, the health and harmony of the occupants (kitchen represents these two elements) will be jeopardised.

The Bedroom Drama

Never ever place your bed in direct alignment to the bedroom door. Qi that enters will hit your bed directly, causing disrupted sleep. Some serviced apartment, unfortunately, doesn’t have the luxury of space to allow an otherwise arrangement. As such, try your best to at least hinder from placing the head of the bed directly to the main door.

Bathroom and Stove: A Face-off

Have you noticed how in certain units, the stove is located against the wall of the toilet bowl? This is essentially not a major problem, but to stay on the safe side, do your best to opt out of it. Stove should always be placed against a pure Yin wall. Hence, if the wall behind your stove is a really solid one, it would act as an extra reassurance to you.

Balcony A-OK

Ideally, balcony should overlook positive features like mountains, curving river or lake of clean water. If you spot any negative features from your balcony, it is advisable for you to go back to the drawing board.

Car Park Frenzy

Some serviced apartments tend to have their car park positioned in the middle of the building. Do not favour this design as car park makes room for wind to blow through, causing too much Yang energy in circulation within the apartment. As a result, Qi flow in these buildings may not be as balanced compared to those with underground parking system.

Room Behind Another Room

Such unconventional arrangement exists due to the obvious lack of space. Generally it is fine, unless there’s an obstruction in the pathway to the second room (the hidden one). If there’s nothing but a clear path, it’s a green light all the way.

This list aims to serve its purpose in providing only a general idea of what you can expect in the Feng Shui of your serviced apartment. Whatever types of house you’re residing, there are rules pertaining to them, and it is important for you to take in all these guidelines for a better space of living. Get in touch with Joey Yap Consulting Group at 03-2284 1213 or email to for a personal property consultation. Make changes and invite harmony and well-balanced outlook to your home today!

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