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"The Best Color in Feng Shui?

The Rainbow, All Colors Bring Health, Wealth, Happiness"

By Kathryn Weber

There’s a lot of debate and discussion about colors in feng shui. Is red the best color there is? Maybe it’s gold or ochre. On the other hand, black is the color of deep wealth. But then there’s purple….ah, the color confusion!

Let’s look at the colors from a different perspective. Instead of concentrating on a single color, let’s discuss them all and their role and meaning in feng shui.

Black – the color of deepest water that is stored, like the seas. It represents accumulated and stored wealth, limitless like the ocean. It also represents the kidney and ears, transformation, big business, and contemplation. Good to help overcome problems such as anger, selfishness, financial opportunity and protection from theft or fraud.

Blue – the color of shallow, flowing water and has similar associations as black. This is the color of opportunity, generating wealth and is useful for growth, opportunity, salary raises and payments. Can be used to enhance health and wealth, forgetfulness, and calming anger, and improving mental acuity. Blue is also helpful for your spiritual growth.

Red – the color associated most with fame, social standing, family name, the heart and eyes. Red is the color of happiness, joy and success in Chinese thought. This is the color for auspicious events, it stimulates good chi and activates. Red can be used for selfishness, stubborn pride, argumentativeness, and lack of inertia, energy or being too passive. Red is useful for abundance and material possessions, social regard, patience, adding excitement and enthusiasm as well as improving self-esteem.

Purple – the color of nobility and royalty. This is the color that can be used in any feng shui setting and sector, from fire and water sectors, metal and earth to wood. Purple adds both the best aspects of the elements of fire and water and brings great success and notoriety. It can be used for enhancing opportunity, your name, your confidence and for attracting investors and mentors. Lavender, the lighter shade of purple, also has the qualities in addition to helping you manage through stressful times and lifting your spirits.

Yellow – the color of earth and is regarded as a color of power. Yellow is often referred to as the color of wisdom, solidity, patience and virtue. This color helps ground someone who is too active, such as with ADHD, or someone who lacks concentration or frequently lies or cheats. Yellow is suitable for attracting relationships that are grounded and more serious versus frivolous or who has depressive tendencies.

Green – the color of small wood, such as leaves, this color signifies growth, hope, and tranquility. It emits healthy chi and is the color that can help with low energy, depression and infertility. Green is also calming and excellent for rigid personalities and stubbornness and improving self-acceptance. Greens can be used to bring new energy to your life, add happiness, intelligence and creativity as well as good test performance and athletic ability.

Pink – the lighter (yin) shade of red, pink has the added benefits of representing love, affection, happiness and joy. This is a good color for attracting love, improving your personal attractiveness, creating more joy and light-heartedness in your life and for steady enthusiasm. This is also true of other pink-related hues, such as burgundy or plum or nude. Nude or flesh-color is seductive and sensual.

Orange – the color orange is a mix of red and yellow, of fire and earth, and represents the earth element. It combines the best qualities of these two elements such as happy success, joyful abundance and solid, contentedness. This is a good color for insecurity, uncertainty and lack of cheer.

Brown – the color most closely associated with the large wood of a tree, brown also represents big, long-term growth and stability. Brown is a good color if you have problems with exaggeration or lying, rude or curt behavior, oversensitivity, and can help you become more patient and increase solid growth.

Gray – the color of metal and movement. Gray can help cut through conflicts, is considered good for stubborn resistance and improving quick movement and thinking for problem solving. Use to enhance creativity and faithfulness, guarding against gossip.

White – the color of metal and representing heaven, white has many of the same similarities as gray. White is also very powerful and has the ability to overcome. To capture the attention, white is very yang and can grab the notice of others. Women executives are advised to wear the color white to call attention to themselves and their ability. White represents clear cut beginnings and endings.

Tan – the color of earth element, represents stability and has much as the same characteristics that yellow and ochre have. It also signifies new possibilities, new ideas and is good for calming oversensitivity and building dependability.

Gold metallic – this is the color of the element of metal, and in particular, the metal gold. Considered the most precious metal element. Gold represents wealth, conductivity, ability to create more from less. Gold connotes prosperity and the yang, heavenly energy of the sun. Excellent when combined with red to represent wealth and the material abundance and ease of life. Use this color to cut through problems, add insights and provide illumination to problems.

Silver metallic – this is the color of the element of metal. It is also a precious metal and represents higher energies. As a conductor of energy, metal is excellent for representing movement, cutting through obstacles, improving stubbornness and willfulness. Silver is the metal that represents the energy of the moon, a reflection of the sun’s radiance. Use silver when you need a soft release from problems, adding more creativity or insight and better understanding of underlying issues.

The Rainbow – this is the single best color there is — a combination of all of them.

Rainbow energy in feng shui brings all the benefits of each of the colors to bear. Adding all the colors together creates a happy and balanced energy and boosts creativity.

Think of the Chihuly glass installation in jelly bean colors made famous at the Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas. Positioned right at the entrance, there is always a crowd here of happy, excited customers! Or, consider Ronald Reagan’s famous jelly bean jar that made him one of the most popular presidents in decades.

The rainbow colors are reminiscent of the rainbows we see in the sky. They could not be more harmonious as they are the joining of yin and yang – sun and rain! This is an excellent color combination to use to improve your outlook, your creativity, initiative and joy.

Adding multi-colors to your life in clothing, your websites, work presentations and in your home environment ensures you bring all the best qualities of all the colors to bear in your life. Plus, with all that balanced, happy energy, you’re sure to reap the benefits that come with all the energies of each color!


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