Friday, 15 May 2015


My new Hulk Buster figurine.

hat is a Hulk Buster Armour.

Built in case he ever had to tangle with the green goliath again, Stark was glad he was prepared when the anger that is the Hulk arrived at an SE Gamma Bomb factory in issue 304. The Hulkbuster Armor is the ultimate module, an exo-suit that allows Iron Man to go a few rounds with the Hulk by wrapping around the Modular Armor itself. Although used just once, this module past the test, allowing Iron Man to trade blows with the Hulk, fighting to a standstill.

The biggest Stark armor built to date, this is suit is not an actual model, but an auxillary module for the Modular Armor, Model XII, Mark I. An exo-armor, built of impact-resistant carbon composites with a magno-hydraulic pseudomusclature rated at 175 tons, this suit fits on top of the Modular Armor--it is an extension that Iron Man, in full armor, climbs into and plugs in.

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