Tuesday, 12 May 2015


"7 Feng Shui Tips for Making New Friends"

By Kathryn Weber

One of the greatest joys in life is friendship. It’s one of the aspirations of feng shui – the gift and wealth of having friends and enjoying an active social life. This area is reflected in the south sector of the house. This sector also refers to the fame and recognition area of the home, as well as your reputation and family name.

Having friends to do fun things with, share your troubles with and who you enjoy being with truly is a gift. But what happens when your social life has dwindled and you find that you don’t have as many friends as you once had, or maybe you’d like to find people who you enjoy spending time with?

Besides love and money, feng shui can also help you activate your home for creating a lively social life and attracting new friends.

There’s a lot of questions about where to begin in feng shui to bring friendship luck to your life. Use these tips to help you build your social network or just have a friend to enjoy an afternoon outing with.

Picture your friends. One of the strongest ways to attract new friends and widen your social circle is to hang pictures of yourself with friends and at social gatherings in the south corner of your home and office. Find some pictures of yourself in groups and with friends and hang those up!

Social settings. To encourage more friendships and social interaction, place pictures of happy groups of people or pictures of social scenes. Eliminate pictures of solitary objects and people. These can lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Activate the south. When you want to encourage new friend luck, the south is the sector to activate. Add red colors here or an image of birds, especially the phoenix.

If you don’t have a phoenix, a rooster makes a fine substitute. The plumage on the phoenix represents others acknowledging and recognizing your unique qualities and abilities – perfect for attracting new friends.

Brighten your life. A brightly lit south corner will help create more yang energy that brings you to the attention of new people and social circles. A sparkling chandelier, a lava lamp, or other light such as twinkle lights in a plant all are great activators for activating new friendships – especially when placed in the south and southwest corners.

Activate your personal growth direction. Attracting friends can also be accomplished by activating your personal growth direction according to your kua number. You can also activate your personal peach blossom number. This direction is most often used for love, but you can use it to attract new friends, too. For more information on how to do that, please be sure to read this article and attached chart for information about your peach blossom direction and how to activate it.

Declutter. One of the best ways to open space for new things and changes that you want in your life is simply to declutter. Tackle that corner of the porch that’s filled with cobwebs and junk, the corner behind your desk, the closets and drawers you use most frequently and get rid of old clothes.

Get out there. Now that you’ve decluttered, activated and brightened up your social life and friendship sectors, do your part, too. That means being more active and putting yourself out where you will meet new friends.

Try going online and joining meetup groups, join a book club at your local library or bookstore, enroll in an evening class or join a group that bikes, hikes, or does charitable activity. This ensures you do your part of the trinity of luck – your man luck. Feng shui is your earth luck and your man luck – the actions you take – will be compounding by your feng shui.

source:  www.redlotusletter.co

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