Tuesday, 21 April 2015


The room that I am sleeping in is in the Southeast Sector.  In the year of the Goat, this sector is visited by the Illness Star.  In the month of April, the monthly star is also in this sector which means it is a double whammy.  People who spend a lot of time in this sector would have a tendency to fall ill easily.
From the start of the year, I have been suffering from ailments like laryngitis, flu, cough and also a misaligned shoulder due to a fall.  I also found that my migraine attacks are more frequent.
Lai Yoong has been advising me to sleep in another room but unfortunately, the next room which is in the South is visited by the #7 star which is also inauspicious.  The best place would be my living room which is in both the East and Northeast sectors.
So I went to the departmental store to look for an air bed to sleep in the living room.  Luck was onmy side when I found that one departmental store was selling a double air bed for only RM38.99.  There was one downside though.  One needs to buy an air pump to inflate the bed and that costs more than the bed itself. Furthermore, I wasn't too confident of using the contraption.  So now I am looking around for a sofa bed.

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