Monday, 20 April 2015


It really saddens me when I hear people say that I have forgotten their birthdays and don't invite them for some of my activities and functions. However, have they ever included me when they have functions and special activities? How many have wished me on my birthday? Even my two nephews never bother to wish me on my special day. It does hurt to know that I am the first person that people would think of when they need help or want something from. I don't mind helping my friends when they are in need but it would be nice to be remembered. Sad, isn't it? Haji Ahmad Hasnin commented that in some people's eyes I am like Mother Theresa.
Of course I have some very nice friends who have always been there for me. When I am sick they would be the first to call and ask if I need help.
AND there is this one other being that considers me Number 1 in his eyes. Yeah, he never asks for this or that, though he only eats certain types of food. The moment I come home, he is there waiting for me. The moment I wake up, he will be there. When I am sick, he will stay by my side and keep an eye on me. If you are still wondering who I am referring to, look at the picture of the furry creature here. Though Junior can't greet me Happy BIrthday but to me, he is the best present that God has given me,

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