Thursday, 2 April 2015


This is an excerpt taken from the Penang Feng Shui blog about how to conceive a baby using the Flying Stars method.

Here is a method to enhance the luck of those ladies who are looking forward to conceive a baby. It is by boosting the flying star no 9 as it is a star of happiness 喜庆星 or having happy events 喜事. This year the star no 9 is at the South West and what you have to do is to place the following items at the SW of your house for 9 days:-

1. Two eggs.
2. Nine 红枣 (hong zao) dates/jujube.
3. Nine peanuts花生.
4. Two ang pau 红包with the details and wishes of the couple in both ang pau红包.Take a piece of paper and write the birthday and birth time, name and wishes of the husband and wife in both ang pau 红包.

Place those items at the South West sector of your house for 9 days and then boil the eggs and consume them.

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