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Read this Feng Shui article on the power of Red by Kathryn Weber.

"The Feng Shui Qualities and Protective Power of the Color Red"

By Kathryn Weber

From antiquity to today, few colors have the power and influence that the color red has. It’s the most likely to make the wearer and the observer do something, such as stop at a stop sign, eat at a restaurant or feel favorably about a company, such as Target and its red bulls-eye logo.

Wearing red imbues the wearer with confidence and power. In China, the color red has many meanings, but the first is happiness. The bride in a wedding ceremony has always traditionally worn a red veil that was only lifted once the bride and groom were at the ceremony, never seeing each other until the wedding. That tradition continues today even though modern brides now know their intended before the ceremony.

In Chinese tradition, a red-faced man is regarded as a holy person, and a god wearing a red robe is the god of wealth. Red colored gems have also been regarded to hold powers of invincibility, strength and success. Rubies and garnets have long been believed to protect against the evil eye.

The element of fire has been associated with the phoenix and is associated with both of fire’s destructive and life-giving and cleansing properties. The phoenix is the red bird that promised success and longevity.

In China today, red is still ascribed with the quality of wealth and abundance. And in feng shui, red is the ultimate power color imbuing warmth, success, prosperity and wealth. But it’s also a color of protection.

Learn more about red and its role in feng shui and protection.

In feng shui

Red is the color of good fortune. Happy times are signified by the color red. It’s a color that denotes happiness and the arrival of success. Using a touch of this color in every room brings a spark of life as well as protection.

Red activates. When using feng shui figures and ornaments, it’s always advisable to dot the item with red paint, glue a piece of red paper to the bottom or tie them with a red ribbon. Doing so activates the item. For something more decorative, try hanging a red coin hanger or red tassel on a figure to activate it, or tie one to your handbag, luggage, computer case, keys, desk drawers or even thumb drives for some computer panache.

Red color plays a strong role in fashion. For women, the color red is a color associated with sexiness, assertiveness and strength. For men, power ties are almost exclusively red. Red scarves have long been held as a part of wedding customs and to improve love and fertility. Red has long been associated with strength and fortitude. It’s also used as protection against malicious forces and red veils and scarves have been worn as protection.

Red is the color of strength. When you want to be noticed, wear the color red. This is the perfect color for single girls and anyone trying to climb the corporate ladder. That’s because red is the color of confidence and self-assuredness. Wear this color when you’re ready to get your share of the attention – whether from an admirer or your boss.

For protection

Red protects income. Red handbags and wallets are auspicious for women to carry and energizes their wealth and income. This is especially true in 2015, as women must be careful of their finances from draining expenses (wood drains earth in 2015). Carrying a red wallet helps to energize wealth accumulation and stimulates income. Maybe better still is that you can find a red wallet inside a handbag!

Red ensures vitality. Women enjoy warmth and red creates the kind of energy that feeds a woman’s need for fire. In the Year of the Sheep, the wood star visits the center sector of earth, or the sector of health, wealth and happiness. This can have a draining effect on everything from finances to overall health and well-being for everyone in the house.

Wearing a red scarf protects energy and vitality and can give protection against illness and fatigue. Wearing a red bracelet helps lift brain fog and mind-sapping energy as the wrist is the part of the body that represents the mind.

Red creates happiness. Women who wear a red ring on their right hand create a stronger bond and happier relationship than those whose right hands goes bare. Wear a red stoned ring for more love and affection from your spouse.

Red high heels and racy lingerie are a favorite of men, but they’re good for women, too. Wearing a red bra and panties or red heels will energize you all day long – and are perfect under dark clothing to give it a punch of power.

Red burns through anger. Wood is the element associated with family and with anger. In 2015, the center sector hosts the 3 Jade star. With its wood attributes, you may find that families are especially touchy or angry.

Whenever there is anger, red is the color to reach for. Red candles are helpful during family visits to burn up excess wood and diffuse squabbles. Red pillows and cushions are also a helpful antidote for fussy families.


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