Thursday, 19 March 2015


"Raise Your Sights -- The Feng Shui of Views that Can Change Your Life"

Put your back into it. Keep your nose to the grindstone. These pithy sayings are meant to instill the value of consistent work effort.

And, for the most part they're true, because consistent work pays off, but sometimes when you're busy looking down all the time, you lose sight of where you're going.

Feng shui offers us an opportunity to lift our eyes and create movement in our lives instead of drudgery, or worse, the awful position of feeling stuck in a "Groundhog Day" kind of life.

Too often we fall into the rut of day by day living to the point that we can't imagine anything different or anything better and our vision gets cut off.

I'm frequently surprised at the shocked expressions I get when I ask people what they want and ask where they see their lives going or where they want their lives to go. They're stunned because they can't imagine anything different or anything more than that grindstone where their noses are pointed at every day.

And who can fault any of us for this?

Most of the time, the thought of something better in our lives never enters the picture because we're so busy just trying to get through the day, get the bills paid on time, the kids fed, car gassed and attend to all the other little details of our life that the big things slip silently by.

The idea that by shifting our views can make a meaningful change is sometimes hard to imagine.

But take, for example, a psychotherapist who specializes in trauma victims. The moment she walked into her office, the lucky corner (the corner diagonally opposite the door) held a dying plant. Her business was dying, too, and patients were falling away.

After a coworker took mercy on the plant and removed it, the psychotherapist made a special trip and purchased a beautiful silk floral arrangement to replace the dying plant. Her business shot up and within a few short days had calls and new clients coming in - and it's been that way since.

What you look at and what you see has a strong bearing on your life because we experience our life through our eyes.

Plus, I often teach in my Master Consulting Course, chi flows where the eye goes.

Feng shui stands as a tool to help you align what you see with what you want.

Use these feng shui tips to help you look up from the grindstone and raise your sights to the greater possibilities in your life.

___Place your desires correctly.

Place a whiteboard, a vision board, or a big sticky note of where you want to go on the left of your vision or in front of you as you sit at your desk. You can place your accomplishments on the right of your desk or behind you.

By putting your goals on the left, dragon side, you infuse them with positive, yang energy, because, after all, you want to get there, right? That green dragon can give you a hand. Want more mojo? Place an image of a dragon by your goals.

___Place your name high.

Never buy a welcome mat with your name on it like so many businesses have because (besides wiping feet on your good name), it causes you to look down. If you have a business or if you want to highlight your accomplishments, put anything with your name on it (like a sign or diploma) up high and prominently placed in your office or home, where you will look up to see it.

___Follow the 6 Star.

Six is the number of heaven in feng shui and where the 6 Star is located is also the location of where people are who can help you. In 2015, the 6 Star is located in the Northeast, the corner of decision-making and education and thought. That means men will be instrumental in helping you acquire positions that help you grow and that teach you. In 2016, the 6 Star will move to the south, the sector of fame and success.

___Paint your ceilings white.

White is the color of heaven and if your ceilings are painted a color other than white, you may find that your aspirations are either drowned (blue ceilings), fail to take off (yellow or beige ceilings), or you're scattered (green ceilings). Heaven is also an energy of protection, and we can all use that. White ceilings provide heavenly protection overhead.

___Activate your lucky corner.

Look at every corner in every room that is opposite and diagonal to the door. Be sure to put some kind of activator there, such as a tall lamp, a plant, or beautiful object to bring beauty and significance to your vision. These corners exert a powerful influence on our minds and our thoughts. What to put here? Try a lucky frog to hold the wealth potential of the lucky corner.

___Be choosy about representations of yourself.

Look for photos of yourself that are positive and uplifting regardless of whether that's a photo at home, your driver's license or your Facebook or Twitter photo. A menacing or sad-looking photo is a powerful representation of you. Make sure your picture, Avatar, or any representation makes a positive statement of happiness, success and vitality.


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