Thursday, 8 January 2015


"Luck Running Out? The Feng Shui Importance of Updating Your Home"

By Kathryn Weber

In a world where change is constant, and sometimes, moment by moment, the idea of staying in the same place, in the same relationships, the same patterns of our lives, has the comfort of familiarity. There’s even a saying that it’s easier with the devil you know than the devil you don’t. That’s what makes change so hard; we don’t know what to expect or if our efforts will pay off.

But if we don’t change, life becomes hard…and then harder still.

That’s what happens when we keep our houses in a time warp, like a museum diorama of our lives that depicts a day to day sameness. We must have change, energy, and invigoration in our lives, our relationships, our clothing and style, and in our houses.

It’s like when we fall into the “uniform” trap of wearing the same kind of clothes day after day (yoga pants, anyone?), we feel stale and like our energy is draining. A quick update to our closets can often get us out of that rut!

It’s the same thing with our houses.

Having no change over time finds us stagnant in our lives. If we don’t update and invigorate our houses, we not only feel stuck, our luck starts to run out like sand in an hour glass. Once the sand of chi has all run through, there’s a vacuum. That’s yin energy.

After a home has become yin, life becomes more difficult, energy wanes, money suffers, health problems crop up, relationships end or become strained. But when the house is kept up to date, and chi is enlivened and refreshed, it enlivens and refreshes our lives.

How to update your house

Most of the time you don’t really need to make a lot of changes. With just typical living, you’ll usually update the house, repainting a room here or there, adding new flooring or changing up the landscaping.

Occasionally, though, some houses seem trapped in their 1970, 1980, or 1990 selves and therein lies the problem.

When your house doesn’t move ahead, you don’t move ahead.

Your home, like feng shui and time, is an ever-changing thing.

When the change began from Period 7 to Period 8 in 2004, someone who didn’t update their house wouldn’t notice any problems at first, and life would probably just go one the same as it had before. But slowly, over time, the backward slide begins creating financial difficulties, health difficulties, losses, separation, accidents and complications of all manner.

In fact, the energy can become dangerous creating disastrous problems, especially since we’re just over half way through Period 8 and moving now toward Period 9 in 2024.

If you haven’t updated your home since before 2004, you may be experiencing the problems noted above. That means it’s time to update your house by repainting or replacing the front door, redecorating, doing a deep cleaning, re-painting or landscaping your house.

But these kinds of activities are ones that you should do frequently regardless. Even moving and re-arranging the furniture feels fresh and invigorates the house – and your life.

Keep your home fresh, clean, updated and energized and your life will respond accordingly with invigorated luck, fresh opportunity, happy relationships and vibrant health!



Kevin said...

Oh no! As pictured hanging the horseshoe with the ends pointing down is said to bring bad luck as the good luck falls out.

I just found a horseshoe at work (they must have had horses there in the past) and its a monster so it must have been from a Clydesdale (a draught horse).

Miss Cheah said...

Oh dear. Where did you get this piece of info from? Interesting.
The piece I posted is by Kathryn Weber

Kevin said...

In New Zealand and Australia horseshoes are fairly popular good luck charms. They are usually kept in the garage or shed (women don't like old dirty horseshoes inside) but always with the ends up to keep the luck inside. I might be wrong but I have never heard of a new horseshoe being kept as a good luck charm.

Miss Cheah said...

I know that part about used horse shoes being lucky. My late father liked to go to the races and told me about that. A brand new one would be useless.