Tuesday, 27 January 2015


 This was the hornet's nest that was dangling about 50 feet from a tree behind the herb garden.  The gardeners and janitors in my college tried all sorts of methods to remove it but were unsuccessful as sit was way too high.
 Here is a close-up shot of the nest.  One can be hospitalised or even die from being stung by hornets.
Finally, we had to get help from the fire department.  Here you can see the technician giving two of the officers from the fire department some information about the nest.
On Sunday night, the firemen came to carry out their task. 
  There were three of them. all with protective gear.  I guess the one in the spaceman suit would be the one lighting the torch.

The hornet's nest is set on fire.  Some nature lovers would say that it is a shame to kill the insects but then their children, students, their daughter, son, wife or husband are not staying or working here.  A few of workers, staff and lecturers have already been stung.  Luckily they only got one or two stings.  Imagine if the nest were to fall and they happen to be there.  In such a case, human lives and wellbeing are more important.  By the way, the sting of ten hornets can kill a person.

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