Sunday, 25 January 2015


My study and activity room is in the Southeast of the house and in the Year of the Sheep, this Illness Star 2 resides in this sector.  As it brings with it sickness, the best thing is to avoid using this sector.  To lessen the energy of this star, the emphasis is on metal.  Put lots and lots of metal here.  If the house faces southeast, then place a 6-rod metal wind chime outside.  A very good Feng Shui cure would be a Metal Wu Lou.  Placing 6 Emperor coins would also be a good cure.  If you do not want to buy Feng Shui items, then any metallic item would do; a bunch of keys, a metallic bowl.  The colours white, silver, gold and grey which represent metal would also be good for this sector.  
In the picture above is a keychain of the Eiffel Tower that my friend, Musliha gave to me as a souvenir from her trip to Paris.  I am placing it in my Southeast as it is made of metal.

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