Monday, 26 January 2015


This is the heart sutra pillar keychain that I bought from the WOFs Boutique last week. In 2015, the Five Yellow is located in the West bringing misfortune to those whose home faces West, whose bedroom or office resides in the West, the children of the household and/or those born under the Chinese zodiac sign of the Rooster
The Heart Sutra Pillar is recommended to subdue this star. The 8 inch pillar is etched with the Heart Sutra. Unfortunately at a princely sum and I had to content myself with the smaller version in the form of a keychain. The 8 inch version has its inside filled with special substances and mantras to completely weaken the Five Yellow. As my life force isn't too strong in the coming, the pillar will be my protector as it also has the power to bring local spirit protectors to ones side. It is an excellent safeguard against bad people, illness, accidents and reversal of fortunes.
Anyway, if you are not a Buddhist and find it difficult to get your hands on Feng Shui items, fret not.  You can use common everyday items as cures.  The emphasis is on metal.  This element subdues the 5 yellow.  So get whatever metallic items you have and place them in the West.  Or you can use colour to represent the metal element.  If possible try to avoid the West area in 2015.  Keep this sector quiet.
The Annual 3 Killings Star is also here and this is also bad.  You must remember not to sit with your back to the West.  Instead try to sit facing this direction.

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