Sunday, 4 January 2015


It was on the request of my Taoist Sifu that Lai Yoong and I went to the Mesra Intan nursing home in Kampung Simee to deliver packets of rice and noodles on Friday afternoon. We met with the Nursing Director, Madam Chew Been Teen who was the person in charge. Her husband, Mr Inderjeet Singh is the administrator.
The both of us were really impressed with what we saw of the private nursing home. The building is air-conditioned and is really clean. The ground floor houses the ladies while the upper floor the gentlemen. There is also a lift which connects the two floors. Furthermore, we could see that the elders lived in a pleasant environment filled with love and care.  Madam Chew, retired nurse, was full of warmth and sunshine.  She made the two of us feel very welcome.  Actually, Lai Yoong and I were of the opinion that should we become frail and unable, we wouldn't mind admitting ourselves to this place as we know that we will be looked after well.

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