Tuesday, 13 January 2015


The reason I brought Junior to college in the afternoon was to get Shafiq to help clip his nails. I have a phobia about doing this as during my first try I accidentally clipped the paw and it started to bleed. Shafiq has better eyesight and has experience doing this.
So why must be clip the cat's nails?  It appears that the nails of felines are 'retractable'- they go up inside their paws a bit when not in use. If their nails get too long, they aren't able to retract all the way, and this can put pressure on the cats toes, feet, and legs as they walk. You may notice the cat "walking on its toes" after you've gone a while without clipping them. It's simply uncomfortable and even painful for the cat. In the wild, they take care of this problem themselves by scratching and using the claws to keep them dull. In captivity, they can't do that effectively.
It also saves your furniture, since the cat's natural instinct without trimmed nails will be to dull them himself (scratch whatever's available in the house).
You should only need to do it every few weeks or so.  The special nail clipper for cats that I bought from Daiso only costs RM5.

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